Webbing & Leather Shoulder Strap

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The perfect addition to your beautiful bag or briefcase, allowing you to carry it hands-free.

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Our beautifully handcrafted Webbing & Leather Shoulder Strap is the perfect addition to your Mackenzie Leather canvas bag. It’s a stylish extra, allowing you to carry your bag with ease, hands-free.

The strap is made from our hard-wearing Webbing with Italian saddle hide leather accents, and is available in a variety of colours. You can choose a colour that matches your bag or opt for a contrasting colour to create more of a statement.

Depending on the occasion, the strap can easily be attached or detached as required.

The Leather & Webbing Shoulder Strap can be added to your order when purchasing your Mackenzie Leather bag or briefcase. Alternatively, you can purchase the shoulder strap separately at a later date.

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